Solar panels

Empower your life with green solar energy solutions

Create a more sustainable future

Go Green & Save Money!

Memorandum Consulting is committed to offer you the best solar solutions at competitive prices with long-lasting results. We will introduce you to solar panel installers that perform complete solar panel installation for residential as well commercial buildings.

Why Solar?

Environment friendly – You will ensure socio-economic wellbeing by adopting solar power.

Affordability – You are already paying large electricity bills. Why don’t you turn this expense into a long-lasting investment?

Reliability – With no moving parts, solar power is incredibly reliable with panel warranties of about 15 – 25 years.

Great potential – Alberta’s solar technology is world class, with great energy potential far better than Italy, Rome & Brazil.

Residential Solar Energy

Generate your energy, reduce electricity bills, increase savings, and earn more money from your roof.

Environmental improvement and cutting energy costs are the most common reasons why homeowners go solar. A solar panel for home is an affordable way to produce your own energy with sustainable life. The latest solar technology brings you multitude of green power opportunities at the lowest possible prices that the industry has ever seen.

Commercial Solar Power

Greater efficiency with reduced carbon footprint and improved profits!

Commercial solar energy systems are a great production efficiency upgrade, which exceptionally reduces your costs with increasing return on investment through commercial solar power incentives and economies of scale. Improve property value and become a leader in your industry by turning used roof space into another revenue-generating stream.