Our Technology

Feedstocks Wanted! 

We are looking for feedstocks in the following industries.

Our technology takes waste from other industries, i.e.

  • SW (Municipal Solid Waste/Plastics); 

  • Discarded tires; 

  • Oil Field Waste; 

  • Coal; 

  • Medical Waste; 

  • Shale Rock;
  • Wood Biomass;
  • Corn Stover, Hemp, Switchgrass, Etc.      

    We process these feedstocks eliminating the waste streams and dramatically reducing emissions. We have a negligible Carbon Footprint. We are talking about any carbon-based material we can process.  

    "Imagine taking a product like coal, removing all the hydrocarbons from the coal via a Coal to Liquid Fuels (CTL) process that our machine can do, which results in high-grade fuel which needs no further refining, eliminates any moisture content from the coal, which then burns cleaner at a higher caloric value (up to 30%), and can be sold at a higher value." 

    The aromatic solvent produced in our process is used in the oil and gas industry as a corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier, diluent and as an agent to remediate abandoned wells. We have several letters of intent from past end users of this aromatic solvent that wish to purchase as much of this product as we can produce.