Gain Up to 30% off with $36M Alberta Solar Panel Installation Program

Gain Up to 30% off with $36M Alberta Solar Panel Installation Program 


Whether you own a house, run a company or manage a community building, electricity bill is an inevitable expense. It is also one of the major factors in determining how you will save and spend your earnings or profit. In addition, electricity rates are expected to double by 2020 


Hence, installation of solar panels can help you save a lot of money that might otherwise be spent on electricity bills. Also, solar panels can help lower greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off the road.  

30% Rebates up to $10,000 

The good news is that the Alberta government has announced details regarding the Energy Efficiency Residential and Commercial Solar Program that offers up to $10,000 in rebates. It is also expected that this program will create about 900 new jobs in Alberta by 2019.  


You can get up to 30% off on your solar panel installation on housing roofs for a maximum rebate of $10,000. Also, non-profit organizations and corporate businesses can receive up to 25% off on system costs, i.e. up to $500,000 rebate incentive. Rebate incentives are based on the panel installation size and calculated at $0.75/watt.  

Rooftop Solar Installation  

Your home will generate clean energy year around, especially during hot summer days. Thereby, the solar program will not only help Albertans reduce their utility bills, but also ensure a cleaner, more reliable energy source 

Eligibility Essentials  

Who are eligible? 

All local homeowners, businesses, non-profit organizations and other clients serviced by utility operators in Alberta are eligible. However, federal and provincially owned buildings, new construction projects and Large Final Emitters are not eligible for the rebate as defined under Alberta’s Specified Gas Emitters Regulation. Additionally, applicants of the two-year program must possess or have long-term rights to their property.  


The main sectors targeted by the rebate program include:  

  • Individual businesses 
  • Institutions like hospitals, schools, colleges and universities  
  • Co-operatives  
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Common spaces in multi-unit residential buildings for only items that heat or light common spaces. 

Eligible Products   

A wide variety of efficient lighting, HVAC and VFDs products are eligible for rebate incentives through Energy Efficiency Alberta’s incentives. 


Items Include: 

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 
  • Lighting – interior and exterior, interior as well as exterior control, and fluorescent measures 
  • Water heating 
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) 


According to Maxime Mussard’s research published in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews in July 2017, it is worth implementing solar energy technologies for most cold climatic conditions for certain uses. However, the technology requires us to carefully consider several parameters before deciding on its relevance to our application. Therefore, design and installation of the system must be performed by qualified industry experts using CSA-approved components or panels. You can also hire us to do this on your behalf. 


Application Process 

After the installation phase, you can begin processing your application via Once your application has been approved, you will receive rebates to help offset the costs of the equipment. Follow the link given to learn more about the eligibility criteria of specific equipment and models. Grab this opportunity to increase your savings and reduce the environmental footprint.


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