Avoid These Energy-Wasting Habits to Maximize Your Solar Panels At Home

Avoid These Energy-Wasting Habits to Maximize Your Solar Panels At Home 

We all have at least one or multiple bad habits. It is important to never live in denial since it only wastes energy. Without paying attention, we utilize a lot of energy everyday – from watching TV to charging electronics. It is easy to ignore electricity use – until the electric bill comes in your hand at month end. Installing solar panels is a smart way of avoiding energy costs, yet you still need to avoid the following energy-wasting habits to get the most out of your solar panels at home:

1.   Leaving the Lights On

Leaving the lights on is not only one of the most evident energy-wasting habit, but also the easiest one to fix. Turning off the lights when leaving your room or home can save electricity as well as increase the life of lightbulbs.

2.   Cooling Your Home Inefficiently

In Canada, space cooling is a major expense. You may need to keep your air conditioning on 24/7 when temperatures peak over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, if your home is properly sealed and insulated, you can reduce electricity consumption on air conditioning. On the contrary, small opening of windows and cracks in doors can let warm air into the house, increasing your electricity bill. Thus, you can save electricity and money by sealing your home properly.

3.   Wasting Hot Water

Almost 90 percent of a washing machine’s energy is utilized for heating water. Switch from hot to warm water to reduce energy usage by half or decrease it even more by using cold water.

4.   Using incandescent or less-efficient lightbulbs

Bright lights consume a lot of energy. Switching to energy-efficient bulbs is an easy way to reduce energy use. Hence, invest in smart lighting and LED bulbs which will significantly reduce the energy spent on lighting by up to 75 percent.

5.   Leaving Computers and TVs Running

Computers and Televisions are a major source of entertainment in Canada. It is often easy to forget turning off these devices when leaving the house, but you should develop the habit of turning them off when not in use.

6.   Holding On to Obsolete Home Appliances

Outdated refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen lights and other electric items are not energy efficient compared to today’s cost-effective home appliances. Therefore, upgrading your appliances can allow you to save in the long run.

7.   Forgetting to Unplug Small Electronics

There are several other common household items contributing to your electricity use. In fact, about one-third of your electric bill could be for small objects like hair dryers, phone chargers, stereos and many other electronics that you utilize daily. You must adopt good energy habits and talk to your family members about decreasing energy use by plugging off small devices when not in use. Also, set guidelines and reminders for unplugging electronics. These small changes can not only save you from having to paying massive electricity bills, but also maximize the electricity produced by your in-house solar panels.



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